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Don’t be Sheepish about Woodland Creation – Event Summary

22 March 2018

This event focused on the creation of woodland both commercial and non-commercial, the funding available for creating these schemes and the non timber benefits of having woodland on your land (shelter for livestock).

Sheep and Trees was discussed highlighting the fact that funding is available for track creation whilst creating commercial woodland.

Forestry is a long term investment therefore more time and consideration put in at the start will have benefits in the long term.


Always consider that you should be:

“Putting in the right type of woodland, in the right place for the right reasons – Douglas Priest”


A copy of the presentation from this event can be found here

If you didn’t manage to make it along to this meeting then please feel free to download a copy of any of the documents that were included in our Delegate pack below:

Sheep and Trees Leaflet

Sheep Farming with Trees

Woodland Creation – Small or Farm Woodland

Woodland Creation – Native Broadleaves in Northern and Western Isles

Woodland Creation – Diverse Conifer

Woodland Creation – Conifer

Woodland Creation Update – FCS

If you however would like to discuss anything about this meeting then please call our helpline and ask for Douglas Priest.

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