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Eddleston Water Priority Catchment – Event Summary

26 October 2017

The Eddleston Catchment has become a priority catchment for water quality and this meeting described what actions farmers could take to improve water quality in the catchment. Wull Dryburgh, from SEPA gave a presentation on minimising diffuse pollution and how the land unit work with farmers in the priority catchments to improve water quality.

Funding opportunities were also discussed under the AECS scheme which included grants for fencing and alternative watering facilities.

Key take home messages included:

  • SEPA will be visiting farms in the catchment and will work with farmers to reduce diffuse pollution in the catchment

AFarming & Water Scotland range of grants for reducing diffuse pollution are available under the AECS scheme and applications need to be completed before 31 March 2018

Further information for farmers is available on the Farming and Water Scotland website

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