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Efficiency More Important Than Ever

2 April 2020

It feels like a strange time at the moment – children not at school, queues to get into supermarkets, police enforcing essential travel.Farming For a Better Climate logo

It is easy to get caught up in the sense of life being somewhat ‘on hold’ however spring is an important time for the farming business, with what you do now being key drivers for productivity and profitability for the rest of the year – whether you’re calving, lambing, sowing crops or managing grass ready for dairy-cow turnout.  We don’t know exactly how long the current situation will last but it’s becoming clear that this isn’t going to be over in a matter of weeks.  Farmers are well used to adapting to challenges, often it’s the weather, and continuing to drive their business forward through whatever is thrown at them.

The Farming for a Better Climate website has several particularly topical practical guides that make valuable reading:

The Farm Advisory Service has prepared a range of templates, guides and other information to help you and your team at this challenging time – these can be found here.

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