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Facebook for Farmers – event summary

14 March 2017

Facebook is a great unknown to many farmers, but it offers a free tool for marketing your livestock, produce and services to a potentially unlimited audience. The website has over 1 billion regular visitors and 93% of global adult internet users have a Facebook profile.

Facebook offers a huge opportunity for you to easily engage with a wide range of people and organisations within the agricultural industry. This workshop aims to help those unfamiliar with social media to better understand what it can offer and give them the confidence to use it.

We ran this event twice and all who attended could all see the potential through advertising and marketing their businesses and produce through facebook and social media but didn’t know how to do this or where to start.

The 2 hour course guided them through setting up business pages, benefits of social media, real examples of people who are really embracing it and how to use statistics to improve your interaction. Integration was achieved through highlighting pages to follow on conservation, biodiversity, cross compliance and climate change.

All got a huge amount from the meeting and the confidence to go and build there own pages to promote Scottish agriculture and the produce be it pedigree bulls, farm shops or contracting services.

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Facebook for farmers
Topics: Rural Business

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