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Funding for succession planning advice can help agri businesses to cover some legal and financial costs

15 October 2021

Are you seeking professional support on legal, financial or mediation matters related to your agri business?

If so, the Farm Advisory Service (FAS) can help you access up to £1,000 of Government funding for succession planning specialist advice, which can be put toward professional fees.

The Scottish Government is keen to support the ability of agri businesses to look ahead and plan for the future. Whether that relates to starting a new business or planning to retire, it is vital that agri businesses are encouraged to access relevant professional support to initiate the decision-making process and enable a smooth transition throughout any changes as the business evolves.

Due to the nature of succession planning, many agri businesses may need to seek support for a range of professional services (such as legal, financial and mediation services) to adequately cover all aspects of planning.

Specialist advice delivery is not restricted to just providers in the agricultural sector. Non-agri service providers can also support farming businesses to deliver their succession plans.

The Scottish Government provides up to £1,000 in funding through the Farm Advisory Service (FAS) for agri businesses to access professional specialist advice services on succession planning.

Agri business owners can select their own service provider to deliver the work. All FAS has to do is verify that the provider put forward has professional qualifications and experience in the desired field.

To access funding, agri businesses must apply to FAS for specialist advice support on succession planning and confirm their choice of service provider.

For more information, please phone FAS on 0300 323 0161, email or visit

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