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Responding To The Energy Crisis

We've collated resources from across the sector to help you

Have you heard our FAS Sounds?

FAS Sounds is the home for all our podcasts and audio resources.

Grant support and advice

Increase the profitability and sustainability of your business through Government funding for one-to-one advice, worth up to a total of £3,700, for ILMPs, carbon audits, specialist advice and mentoring.

Whole Farm Benchmarking Tool

The Scottish Farm Business Survey is completed annually to accurately measure the performance of the main farm types found in Scotland.

Farm Woodlands News

Farm Woodland News provides information and advice on making the most of woodlands as part of the farm business.

Succession planning - protecting the future

Scottish Government lifts restrictions on succession planning funding

What's New

FAS TV covers a wide range of topics across sectors, as well as regular updates on regulatory and policy changes.

FAS TV is a weekly agricultural show which recreates traditional on-farm visits.

Designed for farmers and crofters, each episode delivers technical messages in a digestible format, with real farmers demonstrating advice in practice.

Take advantage of government funding to create a sustainable and profitable future for your farm or croft.

Podcasts, videos, and publications offering guidance to new farmers and crofters.