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Getting the MOOves Right! – event summary

9 February 2017

This event was held in the Stronsay Community Centre on 9th February 2017 from 7.30pm –  9.00pm.

The event will cover topics on

  • The new ScotMoves scheme
  • Discussing Liver Fluke on-farm
  • Reporting on the Greylag Goose Management Project on Orkney

With the new Scotmoves cattle movement scheme being implemented at the beginning of 2017 to improve cattle traceability. We wish to inform our clients on the implcations this may have on their businesses and how they can be ready to cohere to the scheme reducing  cross complience risks.

We looked at the importance of selecting the right worming products for your housing dose to hopefully improve the productivity of the animal. With the wet summers we are experiencing we discussed ways to reduce the risk of fluke – looking at reducing the intermediate host(mud snails) habitat by restricting animal access poorly drained and flooded areas.

We also looked at the current problems faced in Orkney with the resident Greylag Geese. Looking into how the population is controlled and proposed future methods. Using information and data from the 5 year goose scheme and SNHs data.

Take Home Messages

Scotmoves Scheme

When must livestock movements be recorded

What ways can the information be provided to Scotmoves-Email, Fax, Phone call and Online.

How to apply for link holdings within you business – re apply annually


Fluke require an intermediate host, the mud snail within their lifecycle

Three stages of the liver fluke lifecycle take place within the main host – Early immature, Late immature and Adults.

Ensure the correct anthelmintic is used to treat the stage of the infection being treated – depending on time, the season and the housing procedure practiced.

Liver fluke are not host specific and can infect humans

Pasture Management can help to reduce the risk by managing wet areas whether fencing off or not grazing when wet – this restricts livestock’s access to the mud snails habitat breaking the chain in the liver flukes lifecycle.

Greylag Goose Scheme

Applying for egg oiling licences can be done now. Must apply to SNH along with a map showing the intended area you will cover (SNH need to approve the area).

Agri Environment Climate Schemes – a good way to bring extra income into your business. Utilising your less productive land in a more environmentally friendly way.



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