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Grant Aid for Slurry Application Equipment

29 April 2022

New amendments to the rules around how we are able to spread slurry were introduced on the 1st of January 2022, with the aim of protecting the environment and helping to make better use of nutrients produced on farm.

These new rules include the following changes and timelines:

Slurry must not be applied using a raised splash plate or rain gun1st January 2023
Slurry must be applied using precision equipment if
applied on farms with more than 100 milking cows
1st January 2023
All slurry application must be applied using precision equipment1st January 2027

Precision application equipment is capable of accurate and low emission application techniques. This includes a dribble bar or band spreader, trailing hose, trailing shoe or direct injection. Therefore, if you have a dairy farm with over 100 milking cows, you must spread slurry with precision equipment after the 1st of January 2023, but if you have less than 100 milking cattle you don’t need to make the change until 2027. Further information on the changes in legislation is available at:

However, the new round of the Sustainable Agriculture Capital Grant Scheme (SACGS) includes grant aid to purchase precision slurry application equipment, supporting farmers to make the change and remain compliant with the new rules.

Under this new round of the scheme there is support to purchase the following items:

  • Trailing shoe slurry system including macerator
  • Shallow injection system including macerator
  • Dribble bar including macerator
  • Flow rate monitoring for slurry application
  • Real-time inline nutrient analysis of slurry
  • Slurry store covers – ring tank cover – floating
  • Slurry store covers – ring tank cover – fixed/tensioned with vents
  • Lagoon store cover – floating

It is worth noting that there are specifications for each item, so when purchasing an item that you applied for under the grant ensure that it is compliant with the capability outlined in the specification. The grant will be up to 40% of the standard cost stated in Annex A of the scheme guidance for those on the mainland, while applications from the Highlands and Islands will receive 50%. For example, if you are on the mainland and the standard cost is £7,500, and the actual amount you pay is £7,000, you will receive 40% of £7,000. However, if the amount you pay is £8,000 you will receive 40% of £7,500.

A full list of eligible items, along with their specifications and standard costs are available at:–sacgs-/sustainable-agriculture-capital-grant-scheme–sacgs–full-guidance/

Applications will be assessed and approved based on a points system, based on the information on your business provided and the items applied for. Points will be allocated based on the following criteria:

  • reducing ammonia emissions
  • impact on sustainable agriculture
  • impact on land use/nutrient management
  • impact on efficiency

Applicants who have completed a valid Carbon Audit and/or a Nutrient Management Plan prior to applying will be credited with bonus points for each valid Audit/Plan.

A valid Carbon Audit must have been prepared within the last three years and Nutrient Management Plans within the last five years at the point of applying for SACGS. If they are older a new Audit/Plan will be required.

The information you must provide is as follows:

  • Details of any contracting activities your business currently carries out.
  • Details relating to the Carbon Audit or Nutrient Management Plan you already have or if you do not have one, confirm which one you agree to obtain before you claim the grant.
  • Current livestock slurry or digestate storage capacity (m3 volume and number of weeks of storage).
  • Details of the quantity (m3) of livestock slurry and digestate you spread using your own equipment on an annual basis.
  • Details of the quantity (m3) of livestock slurry and digestate you employ a contractor to spread for you on an annual basis (farmers and crofters only).

The scheme opens for applications on 26th of April 2022 and closes at midnight on the 1st of June 2022. There is no guaranteed funding for slurry application equipment next year so make sure that you don’t miss out this year!

Full scheme guidance is available at–sacgs-/; 01292 525010


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