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Grant funding to help improve sustainability of Scottish farming businesses

20 October 2020

Managing a farming business amidst local lockdown measures can be challenging, with many farmers and crofters facing ongoing market uncertainty created by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Through the Scottish Government’s Farm Advisory Services (FAS), Scottish farmers and crofters can access funding for expert consultancy support to improve the profitability and sustainability of their farming business.

Since 2016, FAS has helped over 2,500 Scottish farmers and crofters to make farming improvements that support better business resilience and improved profitability – helping those businesses to cope better with change and thrive, even in uncertain times.
FAS can help Scottish farmers and crofters access grant support for the following:

  • Integrated land management plans – Open to all farming and crofting businesses, an assessment is carried out by an experienced farm business adviser of your choosing to identify opportunities and cost savings for your business.
  • Specialist Advice – Funded advice to identify your business strengths and opportunities, taking a deeper look at specific issues of concern or interest with respect to your farming business.
  • Carbon Audit – Get the help of an expert to assess the size of your carbon footprint and compare your performance with that of other farming businesses. Farming businesses with a low carbon footprint are often more efficient and profitable, than similar enterprises. This is increasingly a sought-after attribute for environmentally conscious consumers looking for ‘low carbon’ suppliers.’
  • One-to-One Mentoring – Benefit from the valuable skills and knowledge of an experienced mentor, matched to your business needs, who can offer you vital support and guidance during the early setup and growth period of your new business.

For help and support on starting out, making business improvements or developing a clear plan for the future, contact the FAS advice line on 0300 323 0161 or email or explore our advice and grants pages in more detail.

Photo of Girrick Farm, one of the Soil & Nutrient Network farms, taken from afar

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