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Integrated Pest Management on Arable Farms, Angus – Event Summary

26 July 2018

Integrated pest management

Pest and disease control strategies for spring barley and winter wheat formed the focus of this meeting at Scotston of Kirkside.  There was an emphasis on the use of cultural methods (timing and method of cultivation and crop rotation as a means of reducing risk) as well as the more limited use of pesticides.

Crop rotation, the timing of sowing, use of resistant varieties, provision of habitat for beneficial insects and maintaining healthy soil can all help to reduce the risk from pests and diseases in arable crops as part of an integrated pest management plan. To maximise the economic and environmental benefits by reducing chemical inputs it is important to undertake monitoring of pests and diseases to optimise the timing and application of chemicals.

The videos below summarise some of the key topics discussed during the event.  You can download the handout which was provided to delegates using the link below.

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Integrated Pest Management handout from Scotston of Kirkside farm walk, July 2018
This is a copy of the handout provided to delegates during the Integrated pest management on arable farms event in Angus during July 2018
Topics: Climate Change
Group of farmers in a green crop field

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