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Islay Business Discussion Group – Land Registry Event Summary

8 February 2018

This Islay Business Discussion Group meeting was attended by 13 farmers & crofters. Unfortunately a ferry mix-up by the guest speakers meant they arrived late. While waiting the group discussed rush control in these wet years.

The speakers from Registers of Scotland (RoS) discussed the benefits of community mapping for the Crofting Register. This helps reduce cost and resolves boundary overlaps.

The benefit of voluntary registration for the Land Registry was discussed. As Scotland moves towards a single, digital map based record of land ownership this will;

  • Clarify the exact boundaries of land
  • Give protection against adverse land claims
  • Help with succession planning
  • Make estate management easier
  • Help with refinancing
  • Increase transparency of ownership.

Legal advice is required due to the complexity of examining title deeds. The Land Registry is voluntary but  trigger events such as a new mortgage, transfer or sale of land will require registry.

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