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New Entrants to Farming: Common Grazing (Skye) – event summary

22 February 2017

The meeting was held in Portree on the subject of Common Grazings which is very relevant to the area.

A well attended meeting where 3 groups were formed to go through a SWOT analysis of Common Grazings.  This procedure opened much discussion which highlighted not just a vulnerability of Common Grazings but opportunities not just within an individual business but within communities.

Janette Sutherland also discussed the possible opportunities of sheep/cattle stock clubs.  The attendees covered those of active grazings, a newly revived grazing, and some whose grazing has been inactive for some time.  There was much discussion within the whole group, and we could have still been discussing the subject into the small hours. Great feeling from the interest and input of the group.

Handouts can be found below.

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