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New Rules & New Technology – event summary

17 January 2017

Scotmoves & EID – Making it work for you

Since 1st January 2017, new legislation was brought into place that replicates the BCMS User Land Link (which cattle keepers were to use when they kept cattle on more than one holding).  New requirements mean that all cattle movements between holdings which you use (either seasonally or permanently) must be uploaded to the ScotEID website within 48 hours.  This new method of electronic recording is separate to CTS Online & will mean that you do not have to record these ‘in business’movements in your holding register.  Failure to comply with these new requirements could lead to cross compliance penalties in the future.

Room full of people at a meeting


The event drew a large audience do to the relevance of the ScotMoves topic to many farmers in the area. Debbie Dow from ScotEID gave an excellent overview of the new regualtions and was able to answer farm specific questions from the audience. David Kerr, who is also involved with R&D at ScotEID gave an update on progress with cattle EID.

Following a break for lunch, Carol McKenna from Shearwell data gave a good guide to the range of EID equipment that is available (not just from Shearwell) and how it can be used to aid management on the farm and record the performance of stock.

Finally, Robert Logan, SAC, tied together the importance of performance recording with increasing the efficiency of farm enterprises. He also covered the current beef markets and expected trends for the coming months and years.

5 Key points from Using Technology to Improve Efficiency MeetingVillage hall full of people at a meeting

  1.  If you send cattle to land away from your main holding then use the application form to get registered with ScotEID for Scotmoves
  2.  If you think you qualify for a derogation then speak to ScotEID for confirmation.
  3.  EID tagging can be a useful way of making stock management on the farm more accurate and quicker.
  4.  There are no confirmed plans yet to bring in compulsory EID tagging for cattle in Scotland as there is for sheep.
  5.  There are lots of options available for electronic recording systems for stock – shop around to find out which system is best suited to your needs.


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Room full of people at a meeting

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