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New “walk through” guide to help small landowners create woodlands

20 December 2020

Scottish Forestry have recently published a guide on ‘Preparing Woodland Creation Applications’ to help land managers prepare a Woodland Creation Grant Application by bringing together various sources of information on tree planting and planning.

It is recommended that those interested in woodland creation read through the new guide before committing to creating an application, to get a clear idea of what is required.

The woodland creation guide is the latest measure from Scottish Government to encourage investment and growth in woodland creation. In May this year, Scottish Government lifted previous funding requirements to allow Scottish farmers and crofters to apply for up to £1,000 of funding through the Farm Advisory Service (FAS), to enlist the help of a specialist adviser to help with woodland creation.

An adviser can work with land managers to add value to underproductive land by reviewing farm-specific opportunities and financial incentives available to create or manage woodland. This includes identifying the most suitable grants and assistance packages that farmers and crofters can use to optimise the use and value of their land.

Applications for grant funding are still being accepted. Prospective applicants can apply for support here:

The Scottish Government has an ambitious target to increase woodland cover in Scotland from around 19% to 21% of the land area by 2032. These new woodlands will absorb and store carbon and will provide a wide range of environmental, economic and social benefits.

To apply or for more information about FAS services, please visit Alternatively, call 0300 323 0161 or email

Young broadleaf trees planted in rows, supported with tree guards and stakes on a gently sloping grassland field with high mountains visible far in the background.

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