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News from RSABI

8 March 2018

RSABI, a Scottish Charity that provides support for people in agriculture recently released the following press release which we’ve reprinted in full below.  Here’s how they can help you if you’re struggling following the bad weather.

The recent bout of poor weather acts as a reminder that none of us are immune to the challenges that can come our way and that RSABI is here to provide emotional, practical and financial support to people in the agricultural sector.

Mags Granger from RSABI said “The agricultural community may not be fully aware of range of issues RSABI can help with. The financial assistance we give to those in need is only a part of the service we provide.” 

Mr H – “It made a huge difference to me to get support from RSABI. I have had help to apply for benefits which I did not know existed, and having someone to talk to about my problems has been very helpful. Don’t hesitate to make contact, I don’t know how I would have coped without their help”.

RSABI have supported working farmers/crofters through difficult business times. We have given practical support and accessed Specialist Business Plans that highlighted opportunities for businesses moving forward, and support the family during any transition. Workers have been supported with employment, housing, debt, succession, and many other issues. We support emotionally in times of sickness and loss, so that no one needs to feel alone. Those that are retired or feel isolated can get a regular call from RSABI. This gives them a chance to talk and we can check that they are ok.

Mrs S -“Please do not sit and worry and do not hesitate to get in touch. They are such a fantastic organisation and the staff are very approachable and friendly. We couldn’t see any way out of our situation and since our dealings with RSABI it has shown us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

“If you work in farming, crofting and growing and you’re not sure where to turn or have concerns call RSABI. If we can’t help you directly we will find someone who can.” Mags stated.

Mr P-“Without the variety and spread of help and support I have received from the RSABI the outcome to date of my life and those around me would probably have been sadly a lot different.”

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