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Beef Calf Scheme application deadline change to 14 January

20 December 2023

RPS Essential Maintenance: 21st December 2023 – 4th January 2024

Questions and Answers:

Q1. Why is access to RP&S being removed from Thursday 21 December 2023 to Thursday 4 January 2024?

A1. RP&S access is being removed during this time to allow essential website maintenance to be carried out.


Q2. Why has there not been more notice of the decision to shut the system down for essential maintenance?

A2. Whilst the impact on SSBSS is noted, the decision to undertake essential maintenance at any point in time is complex and wide ranging, there is rarely an ideal time with a variety of factors considered. It is against that background the proposed time frame has been agreed.


Q3. I had planned on using RP&S during this period, what should I do?

A3. RP&S will not be available to customers or their agents during this period and therefore any planned activity will need to be undertaken when RP&S is available again from 4 January 2024.


Scottish Suckler Beef Support Scheme (SSBSS) Mainland and Islands 2023

Q4. The SSBSS 2023 application submission period closes on 31 December 2023, what if I haven’t submitted my online claim before RP&S access is removed?

A4. SSBSS 2023 online applications will be accepted from Thursday 4 January to midnight on Sunday 14 January 2024.


Q5. Can I submit a paper application if I am unable to submit online?

A5. Yes, paper applications are available for SSBSS 2023, however, there are benefits to submitting online and therefore it is recommended that you wait and submit your application when RP&S is available from 4 January 2024.


Q6. If I submit an online application between 4 January and 14 January 2024 will my SSBSS application still be recognised as being for the 2023 scheme year?

A6. Yes, all online applications submitted during the period 4 January to 14 January 2024 will be considered to have been received on 31 December 2023 and recorded as a SSBSS 2023 application. SSBSS applications submitted after this period will be for SSBSS 2024.


Q7. Will I be penalised for submitting an online SSBSS 2023 application after 31 December 2023?

A7.  No. SSBSS online submissions between 4 January and 14 January 2024 will be recorded as a SSBSS 2023 application without any late submission penalty being applied.


Q8. Are there any changes to the SSBSS 2023 scheme rules?

A8. No, the SSBSS 2023 scheme rules are unchanged.


Q9. Can I claim an animal born on or after 2 December 2023 for SSBSS 2023 if it reaches 30 days old by 14 January 2023?

A9. No, the SSBSS 2023 scheme rules are unchanged. An animal born on or after 2 December 2023 will be ineligible for SSBSS 2023 but may be eligible to be claimed under SSBSS 2024.


Q10. I have started an SSBSS claim which was in progress when the RP&S system became unavailable. Will I be able to continue with that claim after 4 January or will I have to start again?

A10. Details saved before 5pm on Thursday will be available after 4 January 2024 and available to allow you to complete your application.

Beef suckler cow with calf suckling

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