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Sapling to Sawmill

19 December 2018

The A-Listed Capenoch House will form an impressive backdrop to the two free Farm Advisory Service (FAS) events in Dumfries and Galloway next month.

The 19th-Century baronial property sits on Capenoch Estate, which is owned by a partnership of Robert Gladstone and his son, John.

On Thursday 17 January (10.30am), the 833-hectare estate will host Sapling to Sawmill, which will provide an insight into the importance of good design and establishment techniques for timber crops, as well as looking at the factors which can influence prices at harvesting.

With more than half of the estate (477ha) devoted to forestry, there is a regular timber harvesting programme at Capenoch, with Robert currently planting around 17ha of enclosed land this winter. By improving the land remaining in agriculture, he hopes to maintain stocking numbers.

A second Sapling to Sawmill event will take place on Tuesday 22 January (1pm) at Townhead Sawmill, New Abbey.

Operated by James Kingan and Sons, David Kingan will lead a tour of the sawmill, which supplies a wide range of fencing timber, timber for farm buildings and pallet wood and can also cut to order.

This event will show how a range of timber products can be cut from a tree and their value. People will be able to see first-hand what a major, local, timber buyer – particularly from farms and estates – is looking for in terms of quality.

Stephen Adlard, Woodland Consultant at SAC Consulting and organiser of the events, said: “These Sapling to Sawmill events will provide farmers and estate owners an excellent insight into the entire timber process. It will also provide an opportunity for farmers to look at the potential of forestry as a diversification option.”

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