Sapling to Sawmill Event 1 (South Scotland)


This event will provide an insight to the importance of good design and establishment techniques in getting a timber crop established, as well as looking at the factors which can influence prices of timber at harvesting.

Capenoch Estate;

Owned by a partnership of Robert Gladstone and his son,  John. John works in London and the estate is managed by Robert Gladstone.  The estate totals 833 ha of which 371 ha is farmed, and 477 ha is Forestry, after Robert planted most of the hill land with trees in the late 1980s and 1990s.  There is a regular timber harvesting programme.

Robert is also currently planting some 17 hectares of enclosed land this winter.  By improving the land remaining in agriculture, he hopes to maintain stocking numbers.

We will also visit a recently harvested site, to see how timber is harvested, and value maximised.

This event will provide an opportunity to look at the potential of forestry as a diversification option, the constraints and opportunities, and help you consider whether it is an appropriate option for your farm.


Helpful directions: Take the private drive heading south off the A702, just to the west of the bridge over the Scaur water, immediately to the west of Penpont. Proceed up the drive for half a mile to Capenoch house.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.