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Using Forestry to Benefit your Business – Event Summary

17 January 2018

Four things to consider from our recent meeting;

1. Are you within the CSGN area?

Two Indicative Budgets based on a 14ha and a 40ha block of forestry within the Central Scotland Greening Network area were shown.   This displayed clear surpluses for both if the creation was managed effectively.  The economies of scale were clear and showed that a larger area is likely to achieve a larger surplus.


2. Are you interested in Sheep and Trees?

There are many benefits of woodlands to a farm that are not immediate.  For example the use of forestry as shelter for livestock can potentially save £5 per ewe on winter feeding.  The losses are less and lambs finish quicker due to the shelter provided.  Under the Sheep and Trees Package applicants are eligible for 30m of track creation for each Ha planted (where a min of 10Ha and a max of 50Ha are planted).


3. Location and long term nature of forestry?

Doing a good job in years 1-6 will help tree survival and yield a better crop at harvest.   Having a higher than desired stocking density when planting will be cheaper than trying to replace dead trees later on.  It is also important during the early years to keep weeds and deer at bay to improve timber quality.

Location of forest – shorter extraction distances increase net return to grower.  The closer you can get Timber Lorries to the site the better!


4. What are some other benefits?

There are also environmental benefits such as reducing the risk of flooding and holding back nutrients from watercourses.  Woodlands are also free from inheritance tax and timber is income tax free which can make planting more appealing.

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