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Using PLANET Scotland workshop: Dumfries – Event Summary

20 September 2017

PLANET Scotland

PLANET Scotland is free software produced by the Scottish Government.  It helps you to use the most up to date advice on producing fertiliser recommendations.  Information on soil nutrient levels, previous applications of slurries and FYM and cropping history are all taken account for by the software programPlanet Scotland Logome.  PLANET Scotland can be accessed from PLANET is available free of charge as a download from the website, or on DVD.

This event was delivered at Barony college, Dumfries on Wednesday 20th September 2017.

Delegates were provided with a short introduction to the entry of field data, fertiliser applications, FYM and slurry applications before progressing on to consider fertiliser recommendations for the current year.  People working at computers

Once familiarised with the basic operation of PLANET Scotland, delegates were supplied with scenario data to enter into the programme.  The scenarios required delegates to make fertiliser recommendations for grassland and also for arable crops such as spring barley and winter wheat. All scenarios were discussed within the group and reference was made to Technical notes (available to download below) in order to illustrate some of the calculations involved in deriving the fertiliser recommendations.


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Technical Note (TN656): Soil Information, Texture & Liming Recommendations
• Web based access to information on your soils on your farm is described. • Soil texture classes of mineral soils are described and identified by hand texturing. • Liming recommendations for different soils and managements are tabulated.
Topics: Soils
People working at computers

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