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Veterinary Declaration Requirements for EU Exports

2 November 2023

From the 13th of December 2023, a new veterinary declaration rule is coming into force across the country. The new rule requires farmers to certify that any POAO (Products of Animal Origin) exported from Great Britain into the EU (and therefore also Northern Ireland), have been regularly visited by a veterinary surgeon.  

In Scotland, those already accredited under the Red Tractor or QMS schemes will not need to provide this additional documentation and need not take any further action to meet requirements. 

Animal health requirements for exporting to the EU state that an animal’s farm of origin must have undergone regular health visits from a practising vet, not less than once over a 12-month period. Those selling into export markets who do not have Red Tractor or QMS accreditation, can continue to present a farmer-signed declaration form to provide evidence of regular vet visits until the 13th of December 2023. 

Thereafter, farmers will need to provide a signed declaration from a RCVS registered vet who will attest that the farm has had regular health visits. There is a standard form for this purpose, and it should be completed annually by your vet. This can be timed to coincide with any routine veterinary visits. A copy of the signed form should be kept by both the vet and the farmer.  

It is recommended that all non-assured livestock keepers either join a recognised farm assurance scheme or complete a valid health declaration form with their vet. Please remember that selected parts of carcasses slaughtered in the UK may be exported to the EU even if the livestock have not been sold into the export market directly.  

For more information: Veterinary attestation for animal health visits (previously veterinary declaration) – GOV.UK ( 

To download the form: Establishment_Veterinary_Visitation_Attestation.docx ( 

Vet examining a dairy calf

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