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‘Water You Waiting For’ (Watercourse Management Ditching and Dredging) – Event Summary

18 October 2017

A good day was had in Sanday at the FAS event ‘Water you waiting for’.  It was attended by a group of enthusiastic farmers who want to improve their current farming practises.

Ann Scott and Davina Johnston took a session on cross compliance and potential breaches and the penalties they could incur on the farm.

Gavin Elrick held a discussion on alternative water systems that are available and what could be implemented on farms in Sanday. He also showed ways to reduce pollution risks created by poaching, introducing movable drinking solutions and or hard standing facilities.

 Key Take Home Messages

  • Ensure you keep to the ‘Mind the Gap’ rules when working near watercourses
  • Reduce the likelihood in penalties to your subsidies by being vigilant to the cross compliance rules
  • There are many different options of alternative watering systems available. The individual farm requirements and capabilities must be looked at closely to ensure that the proposed system will work in the situation where it will be placed.

Farming & Water Scotland LogoFor more information on how to reduce diffuse pollution on your farm, or to download the ‘Know The Rules’ information sheets, visit Farming & Water Scotland

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