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West Lothian Nutrient Network Farm Meeting – event summary

9 March 2017

The first West Lothian Soil & Nutrient Network farm meeting

This meeting was hosted at West Binny by the kind permission of Graham & Bert Russell.

Craig Bothwell, SAC Consulting, started with an introduction and brief background of the farm.  This was followed with a walk around the farm looking at slurry storage. A challenge was set to get the slurry tower back in action to make better use of organic manures.

Soil specialist Gavin Elrick gave a practical demonstration in the field of  how you can use the Assessing Soil Texture guide, as well as the VESS guide to identify your soil types.

Following a satisfying lunch, ther group discussed the soil analyses for West Binny and how savings might be made through the use of organic manures.  Technical Notes available on the day are available to download from the links below.Group of farmers in a field

For further information on the West Lothian Soil & Nutrient Network, please contact


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Visual Evaluation of Soil Structure (VESS) Score Chart
This is a downloadable copy of the Visual Evaluation of Soil Structure (VESS) score chart for use in-field.
Topics: Soils
Technical Note (TN656): Soil Information, Texture & Liming Recommendations
• Web based access to information on your soils on your farm is described. • Soil texture classes of mineral soils are described and identified by hand texturing. • Liming recommendations for different soils and managements are tabulated.
Topics: Soils
Technical Note (TN668): Managing Soil Phosphorus
Efficient soil P management is challenging due to the varying ability of soils to mediate and regulate plant available forms of P. Farmers and land managers in Scotland are now able to access farm level information about their soils making it possible to provide more accurate P management advice.
Topics: Crops and Soils
Group of farmers in a field

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