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A Damming Conclusion? Part II

THRILL OF THE HILL | A Damming Conclusion: Part II with Davy McCracken

Thrill of the Hill returns for season 5, with an exciting line-up on new and returning guest speakers and specialists in their fields and on their hills.

Beavers and their presence in Scotland continues to divide the agricultural community, for some they generate hope for a more nature-rich Scotland and more dynamic landscape, for others they cause damage and threaten the viability of various farm enterprises. Last year we heard a passionate take on the issue from Euan Walker-Munro who articulated the frustration felt by many in the industry. In this episode we hear from Professor Davy McCracken and cover the positives around beaver reintroduction, the ecology of the species and the opportunities brought by them. We also discuss what to do if the challenges caused by beavers are too much, what his experience was with getting a license and the need for collaboration and knowledge transfer on the issues faced.

Want to get in touch with Davy, he can be contacted at SRUC on 01292 525 299 or via email at Those with questions for NatureScot can make contact via

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