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CropCast – Disease Control for Spring Barley

Welcome to CropCast, your go to podcast for all the latest information on arable crops. Each month, SAC advisor, Tiffany Mactaggart will be joined by a range of industry experts, bringing you timely updates to help you make decisions in the field.

Producer George Gauley, Editor Iain Boyd, Executive Producer Kerry Hammond, in association with the Scottish Government.

In this episode Tiffany Mactaggart is joined by SAC crop consultant Peter Lindsay to discuss upcoming disease management strategies for spring barley, how winter oilseed rape is progressing along with tips on desiccation.

Tiffany will also be joined by SAC potato consultant Kyran Maloney to discuss potato blight spray programs for the season ahead.

Tiffany will also be joined by beef & sheep consultant Kirsten Williams to discuss forage crop planning for the winter ahead.

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