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Farming & Biodiversity in Argyll & Lochaber (episode 1 of 2)

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This is the first of a 2 part series podcast, which is brought to you from Argyll & Lochaber, in the west coast of Scotland.  The focus of this series is Biodiversity and Farming.

There is no doubt that Agriculture has attracted a lot of attention recently, particularly centred on greenhouse gas emissions and new ideas that conventional food production will eventually be replaced by laboratories.
What is often forgotten about, is the role that agriculture plays in maintaining landscapes and a high level of biodiversity. This output is often forgotten about and under emphasised by both farmers and consumers.
During this episode, we will be investigating:

• What is biodiversity, what do we mean when we talk about it?

• Why is Biodiversity important?

• What types of biodiversity exist on farms in Argyll & the west coast?

• What about farming & woodlands? What are the merits in terms of biodiversity?

• Why is it important, to understand the types of habitats which are present on our farms? And how can farmers go about assessing the value of their own farms from a biodiversity perspective?

Find further information in the Biodiversity section of our webpage.

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