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February 2024: A spotlight on farm economic data, soil management, the importance of calf management in the dairy sector and applying for farm tenancy

Along with our regular monthly updates on policy briefs, arable, beef, sheep and milk, In this edition we are also bringing you a sector overviews on farm economic data and Soil management. We will also be bringing you news on the importance of calf management in the dairy sector and applying for farm tenancy.

Show Notes 

00.44:-News in Brief
02.35:-Policy Briefs – BVD Eradication Scheme & Small Producers Pilot Fund
07.24:-Arable Wheat markets under pressure.
11.28:-Beef – Cull cows coming into their own.
14.28:-Sheep – Antipodean trading – who to watch out for.
18.26:- Sector Focus – Data – Why is what the EU does still important?
23.12 :-Milk – Tough times ahead
28.11:- Sector focus – Soils – Do you pass the pH test?
32.57:- Input costs – Calves are the future of the dairy sector
37.50:- Management Matters – Applying for a Farm Tenancy

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