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How well do you know your upland habitats?

We often talk about ‘Heather Moorlands’ when referring to the uplands, but there are three distinct upland habitats in which ling heather plays a prominent part.

In this video, filmed mostly on the Wildlife Estates Scotland accredited Finzean Estate in Aberdeenshire, conservation specialist, Paul Chapman, explains how to differentiate between Dry Heath, Wet Heath and Blanket Bog. Being able to identify and understand the differences between upland habitats is really important when considering the impact of management practices such as burning or grazing and how this affects biodiversity, water quality and the massive carbon sinks that we have within our upland landscapes.

Find out more about the more common plants you can expect to find within areas of peatland in our Secret Life of Peatlands webpage:

A sunset across an upland habitat with purple heather highlighted in the low light. In the top left corner is a text box that reads "How well do you know your upland habitats"

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