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Moths don’t just eat clothes (Podcast)

Moths don’t just eat clothes is a podcast aimed at promoting the awareness and the image of Moths in Scotland.

There are over 1300 species of moth present in Scotland compared to around 58 species of butterfly so why should butterflies have all the good press?   Moths play a very important role in biodiversity, many are very pretty and they have the most fantastic names such as Beautiful Brocade and Elephant Hawk Moth.

This discussion on moths helps to explain the role that moths have in enriching our biodiverse world while supporting many other species as well as being important and often forgotten pollinators.  Listen to Dr Tom Prescott of Butterfly Conservation Scotland discuss why moths are important with Helen Bibby Conservation Consultant for SAC Consulting.

A close up photo of an Elephant Hawk Moth hanging from a thin brown branch. The background is a blurred but bright green colour. The moth is a lovely mix of rusty brown and pink, with white legs. The photo is credited to Helen Bibby

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