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Natural Capital – Farming in a National Park

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The Scottish Government is committed to establishing a new National Park by spring 2026. It has released an appraisal framework and is looking for local areas to submit expressions of interest.

The aims of National Parks are to conserve nature and the landscape, while also providing provisions for the enjoyment of the area and promote sustainable development. Restoring natural capital is embedded in National Park policy and the new form of integrated land management may result in changes for communities and rural businesses within the new National Park.

On this episode we are speaking to Freda and David Scott-Park from Portnellan, an organic farm within the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park boundary, to get their views and experiences of farming within a National Park.


The impact of national parks on the rural landscape and farming: 2:55 – 5:21
Nature friendly farming, diversification and biodiversity: 5:22 – 13:33
Beaver reintroduction: 13:34 – 18:32
Alignments of natural parks, communities and farming aims: 18:33 – 25:32
Views on a new national park: 26:08 – 28:30

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