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Green Finance

In this episode of Natural Capital, we are talking about the issue that underpins every topic we cover, and that is finance and funding! With the economic and other pressures that landowners are facing it is great to be joined today by Steve Dunkley the Regional Agriculture Director at HSBC, and Martin Hanson the Head of Agriculture for HSBC, to share their view on ‘Green Finance’, what they are experiencing from clients and customers, and share their experience with some ‘Green Finance’ projects they have been involved with.

Steve Dunkley is HSBC’s Regional Agriculture Director for Business Banking in the north.

Steve has worked in the farming sector for the last 30 years, from the family farm in the Yorkshire Dales to careers in both consultancy and government.

Martin Hanson is the Head of Agriculture for HSBC and works with farming clients helping them grow and flourish providing appropriate working capital and long-term investment support to as many Agricultural Businesses as possible – helping to support the rural communities of the UK, protect the environment and our future.

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