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Natural Capital – Highlands Rewilding

We talk to Dr Jeremy Leggett from Highlands Rewilding, who are aiming to rewild and repopulate the highlands through a business model focusing on enhancing and restoring natural capital. Doing this they want to support Nature Based Solutions, reduce biodiversity loss and cut UK carbon emissions. Jeremy discusses the role they play and the challenges of balancing nature, farming, traditional ways of life, jobs and a profitable business. We talk about what the term ‘Rewilding’ means, why and how they measure natural capital on their estates and the innovative technology and techniques they use. We also discuss the exciting plans they have for their newly purchased Tayvallich estate and how their plans for managing the natural capital include the local community and the potential to provide local green jobs.

The Earth’s soils, rocks, air, water, plants and animals are all valuable resources that provide a wide range of services and benefits. These resources need to be carefully managed and maintained to support a healthy functioning environment. In this Natural Capital podcast series, we explore different natural capital assets and their value to Scottish agriculture and the rural economy, including the opportunities and risks for the future.

Host Rachel Smillie, producer Iain Boyd, editor Kieron Sim, executive producer Kerry Hammond.


How Highlands Rewilding started and defining rewilding: 1:35 – 3:39
Making natural capital a profitable business and monitoring biodiversity: 3:40 – 9:41
Community engagement and involvement: 9:42 – 11:41
Tayvallich; ecology, community, jobs and opportunities: 11:42 – 17:43
Balancing economy, rural life and farming with nature and biodiversity: 17:44 – 22:56

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