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November 2023: A spotlight on land prices, croft diversification, soil health, Digital Dairy Chain and Farm Management Handbook

Along with our regular monthly updates on policy briefs, arable, beef, sheep and milk, In this edition we are also bringing you 2 sector overviews on land prices and croft diversification. We will also be bringing you news on soil health, digital dairy chain and Farm Management Handbook.


Show Notes  

00.47:-News in Brief 

02.35:-Policy Briefs – RSABI aid funds, Ag and Rural Communities Bill 

07.03:-Arable – Markets continue to fall despite efforts to stabilise 

11.02:-Beef – Prices upturning to near spring peak  

14.52:-Sheep – Lamb defies trend for reduced consumption of other meats  

17.51:- Sector Focus – Land price update 

22.34 :-Milk – Prices rising slowly but behind autumn ‘22 

28.14:- Sector Focus – Croft diversification 

34.30:- Input Costs – Soil health 

39.12:- Management Matters – Digital Dairy Chain and Farm Management Handbook


FAS Resources 

Agribusiness News November 2023 | Information helping farmers in Scotland | Farm Advisory Service ( 

Other Links: 

Consultation on the Agricultural and Rural Communities (Scotland) Bill 

Call for Views on the Agriculture and Rural Communities (Scotland) Bill Financial Memorandum. 

RSABI Flooding Crisis Fund. Tel 080 1234 555  

Forage Aid 

Agriculture and Rural Communities (Scotland) Bill 

Agricultural Reform List of Measures ( 

Agricultural Reform Programme (ARP) – Volunteer to take part in research and design 

Regional Food Fund (RFF) – Application 

Farm Management Handbook Tel 01835 823322 or email the FMHB team on   


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