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Plugging the Protein Gap in Scotland (webinar)

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Legumes have untapped potential in Scotland and offer the opportunity to improve livestock productivity and sustainability.

Researchers at SRUC have been involved in the broader European project “Legumes Translated”, which aims to increase knowledge exchange and advocates for an increased production of legume crops for food and feed value chains.

In this virtual meeting, the second in a two-part series, we look at the practicalities and potential for feeding legumes to ruminants and monogastrics. Mary Young is a livestock nutritionist (SAC Consulting) and has advocated for the feeding of legumes for several years now, highlighting the benefits to overall business resilience. Legumes and their benefits are not restricted only to ruminant livestock and are hugely important within poultry and pig sectors respectively, Jos Houdjik (SRUC Research) joins us to discuss increasing and feeding homegrown protein with the aim of increasing sustainability and productivity.



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