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Podcast: The Thrill of The Hill – Lime & Soil Health

In the eleventh episode of the Thrill of the Hill podcast series, agricultural consultant Alex Pirie talks to Dr Bill Crooks (SAC), about the current state of Scotland’s soils, the importance and need to apply lime, getting value of money and the implications of low pH, as well as the climate discussion about the impact of liming.

The ability to improve your land is crucial at a time when productivity and efficiency are informing future policy and business resilience. The hills and uplands have a reputation for being difficult to improve, and declining agricultural activity means that these areas are reverting back to a less productive natural state. Liming and control of soil pH offers the opportunity to improve the condition of your soil and can be done in a sustainably. I

Find out more about Liming and Soil Health in our Soils section.

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