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Poultry Factsheet

Poultry production is a varied, yet highly integrated sector that can broadly be split into two parts, laying (chicken egg production) and broilers (chicken meat production). According to the Scottish Governments June 2020 Agricultural Census there are 642 specialist poultry producers in Scotland.

In 2019 the UK produced around 11,376,000,000 eggs, 12% of which were produced in Scotland. In 2018, Scotland’s egg production was valued at over £88 million.

Chicken meat is the UK’s most popular meat with the average British consumer consuming 35kgs of chicken per year. In 2018, in Scotland the tonnage of meat produced was valued at over £59 million. In 2019, the UK as a whole produced 1.64 million tonnes of broiler chicken meat, a decrease of 2.1% from 2018.

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