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Precision solutions to animal health & welfare: Parasites

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Welcome along to our animal health & welfare series of eight podcasts.  Each podcast will look at the latest research around animal health & welfare, with the aim of providing you an insight into the latest strategies which are being both developed & implemented.

In this episode Tiffany Mactaggart is joined by Dr Fiona Kenyon and Dr Philip Skuce, research scientists from the Moredun Research Institute. In this episode we delve into parasites, particularly focusing on roundworm and liver fluke which can have major implications on the health and wellbeing of animals. Understanding the problem can help you to manage the burden, listen in as we explore the clinical signs to look out for, testing, treatments, anthelmintic resistance and most importantly, methods of reducing the burdens whilst reducing the use of anthelmintics.
(Photo courtesy of University of Georgia)

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