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Rural Roundup – Pasture for Life, Exploring Unconventional Grazing, the Proposed Closure of the Forfar Mart and the Potential Consequences

Welcome back to the Rural Roundup. This show is produced in association with the Scottish Government. On today’s episode we hear from Farm Advisors, Tiffany, George & Robert discussing the proposed closure of the Forfar Mart, the potential consequences of this and the need for robust infrastructure in the wider farming sector, and we’re joined by Nikki Yoxall Head of Research at Pasture for Life, PHD student at CCRI, and Grazier and unconventional farmer joins us to tell us more about pasture for life and discusses what the future of livestock grazing may look like.

Hosted by Kerry Hammond and edited by Kieron Sim. Executive Producer Kerry Hammond. In association with the Scottish Government

Show Notes 

00:59 – The Rural Roundup
09:40 – What’s on your desk with Nikki Yoxall
21:44 – Resources and next episode information

Other Links:

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