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Soils and tillage podcast: an interview with soil cultivation consultant, Philip Wright

‘The Principles of Soil & Metal Interactions’ was the theme for a soil & tillage event on the Mertoun Estate, near St Boswells.  After the meeting finished, event organiser Donald Dunbar, sat down with speaker Philip Wright, from Wright Resolutions, to talk all things soils and tillage and to recap where the meeting had taken attendees.

Philip is a chartered engineer and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the understanding of soil structure and the impacts of cultivation methods.  He has been involved with many equipment manufacturers in the development and design of reduced tillage cultivators and drills.

During the podcast we talked about drainage and if you want to know more, read one of our latest technical notes on the subject here:

Technical Note (TN720): Assessment for Land Drainage

Technical Note (TN721): Soil Biodiversity and Soil Health

Technical Note (TN718): Phosphate and potash recommendations for crops grown in Fife, Lothian and Scottish Borders

Visual Evaluation of Soil Structure – VESS



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