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Technical note (TN727): Winter Oilseed Rape – Integrated Weed Management


  • Pre-emergence herbicides generally give the most cost-effective weed control
  • Early post-emergence is a prudent option if there is a risk the crop will fail to establish
  • There are some new early post-emergence herbicides
  • Control volunteer cereals early to remove competition and optimise crop establishment
  • Consider Clearfield® technology if there may be yield or quality issues due to contamination by volunteer oilseed rape or cruciferous weeds
  • Product stewardship for metazachlor, quinmerac, propyzamide and carbetamide is important to prevent contamination of water
  • Avoid cultivation straight after harvest as this can increase volunteers in future crops

Read TN727: Winter Oilseed Rape – Integrated Weed Management

field of yellow oilseed rape plants

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