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Technical note (TN740): Fertiliser recommendations for soft fruit and rhubarb crops

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  • Soft fruit and rhubarb crops tend to be in the ground for several years. Problems of soil acidity and compaction should be addressed before planting since it will be much more difficult to do so once crops have been planted.
  • Carry out soil analysis for pH, P, K and Mg before planting and every 3-5 years. Target soil values for soft fruit are pH 6.0-6.5 and upper moderate (M+) status for P, K and Mg.
  • Tables that take account of nitrogen (N) released from previous crop residues, grass leys and N available from reserves in different soil categories have been updated.
  • N recommendations take account of NVZ Action Programme rules and Nmax and will minimise losses of N to the environment.
  • A soil specific approach to P management is presented that considers the relations

Read the technical note here

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