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The Clyde Valley Wader Initiative – what habitats do waders need?

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Stephen Inglis, a project officer from the RSPB explains more about the habitats that the farmers within the Clyde Valley Wader Initiative are managing to improve conditions for the breeding wader populations.

Globally, the number of waders is declining however, Britain retains a high number of the population with around 800 wader territories being recorded within the Clyde Valley Wader Initiative project area. This is the second of a 3-part video series showcasing the monitoring and management practices currently being undertaken by a group of 16 farmers in the Duneaton Valley to improve and enhance the habitat for farmland waders.

For more information on the work being undertaken visit:

RSPB's Project officer, Stephen Inglis standing in an upland area within the Clyde Valley Wader Initiative area speaking to the camera.

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