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Thrill of the Hill – Thinning Herds to Thicken Forests

THRILL OF THE HILL | When people think of Scotland, at some point visions of a red deer ranging across an open hill must enter the mind. Deer have become synonymous with the farmed upland environment in Scotland, bringing huge interest and benefits, but these are not without their challenges. In Scotland’s pursuit of a green, low carbon, high nature value future, deer have proven themselves obstacles to be overcome and without active management, the uplands cannot flourish. In this episode, Michael Skelly, Highland Habitats takes us through the considerations when determining if you have a deer problem and the appropriate actions required to promote a sustainable upland environment.

Hosted by Alexander Pirie, Edited by Malcom MacDonald, Produced by Beth Errington, Executive Producer Kerry Hammond, in association with The Scottish Government.

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