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Thrill of the Hill – A Cow for the Future

Episode #10 – A Cow for the Future. We all think we know a good cow when we see one, but how futureproof is she, and what are the traits the beef industry needs, at an individual cow and herd level to be productive and sustainable? In this episode we hear from agricultural consultant Robert Ramsay about the importance of a range of different features, from tail to temperament, hind legs to horns and how they all come together to form the cow of the future.

The beef sector in Scotland has faced some difficult times in recent years and taking a longer view of history has seen dramatic declines since the 1974 when the head of cattle in the national head reached its all time high at 2.68 million cattle. More recently in 2020, we saw an all time low in cow numbers but looking at the most recent Scottish Agricultural Census results, numbers have increased by less than 1% to 1.72 million cattle. With all this in mind, is the sector on track for resurgence – here’s hoping.

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