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Thrill of The Hill – Agrecalc Cloud: The Sky’s the Limit

THRILL OF THE HILL | Carbon and benchmarking carbon are here to stay, firmly embedded in the best practice for the farming community. With COP28 happening now, the need to decarbonise farming has never been clearer but how to do that in a sustainable manner remains a big question for many. Carbon calculators are designed to identify carbon emissions in a business, where they are happening, to provide insights for positive actions. Agrecalc has been one of Scotland’s leading calculators and has seen widescale uptake since the days of the Beef Efficiency Scheme, but as the carbon story becomes more important, the ability to get reliable, detailed information on a farm’s carbon footprint has never been more important and crucially, having confidence in the data to take steps to improve is hugely important. So regardless of which carbon calculator you are using, the time to count carbon is now.

In this episode, Scott Davies, CEO of Agrecalc discusses the uptake of carbon auditing, the need for a scientific consensus of emissions and how they are calculated, the move to the cloud and the increased functionality that will allow, better, more accurate interpretation of farm results and a clearer pathway forward.

Hosted by Alexander Pirie, Edited by Malcolm MacDonald, Produced by Beth Errington, Executive Producer Kerry Hammond, in association with The Scottish Government.

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