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Farming Challenges [SS.FC]

    Enzootic Abortion of Ewes (EAE)

    Enzootic abortion of ewes (EAE) is the most common infectious cause of abortion in sheep in the UK. This factsheet is part of the Sustainable Sheep Systems series and covers what…

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    Getting the farm ‘climate ready’

    Farmers and land managers are constantly making business decisions whilst having to factor in and account for various unknowns; fluctuating commodity prices, market trends, changing regulations and new schemes are…

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    Integrated Pest Management – Top Tips from High Scoring Farms

    The IPM planning tool for Scottish growers is starting to give useful insights about what high scoring farms do and where they get their information. Filing in an Integrated Pest Management plan is now standard practice on most arable farms and is a useful tool to explore what can be done on individual farms to increase IPM practices. IPM plans are also being picked up across mixed and grassland farms too. Almost 5000 arable plans have been completed to date for arable farms and nearly 300 for grassland plans  – just launched at the end for 2021.  Average scores for arable farms are 64.8% and for grassland farms 56.9%.  This provides really positive evidence about what the farming industry is already doing to produce crops in integrated and sustainable ways.

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    Preventing Watery Mouth

    A product that some sheep farmers use at lambing time, Spectam Scour Halt, has supply issues and therefore will not be available for the coming lambing season.  Spectam Scour Halt (active ingredient: spectinomycin) is the only licensed oral antibiotic for watery mouth prevention in neonatal lambs.

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