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Thrill of the Hill – The Farm Business Survey Part 2

THRILL OF THE HILL | Farm Business Survey: Part II with Sascha Grierson

Thrill of the Hill returns for season 5, with an exciting line-up on new and returning guest speakers and specialists in their fields and on their hills.

With change on the horizon, being on sure footing can be the difference between having a successful business and not. The Farm Business Survey is Scotland’s way of establishing the state of our farming communities, benchmarking business performance and generating the data that drives decision-making at the policy level. It is a free service, not costing anything other than time and provides a participant with a set of management accounts, providing valuable insights into your business, it can also be a useful way of collecting the data for those increasingly important carbon audits! It’s a win, win, win for those serious about data and keen to progress their business in an informed, measured way.

For those interested in participating in the survey, or if you have any questions for Sascha and the team, you can get them on 07557 661316 or alternatively you can email

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