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What To Expect From A Land Based Inspection Factsheet

The aim of this factsheet is to summarise the key details of a Scottish Government Rural Payments and Services land-based inspection. It can be used as a guide to find out what is expected from you as a producer to meet legislative requirements, and what to expect during an inspection process.

The factsheet will cover:

  • Why do Rural Payments carry out land-based inspections?
  • How are inspections selected?
  • Land-based inspection period and notice
  • Schemes covered under land-based inspections
  • The inspection process
  • General
  • Greening
  • Basic payment scheme: eligible agricultural land
  • Basic payment scheme: ineligible non-agricultural land
  • Less Favoured Area Support Scheme (LFASS)
  • Agri Environment Climate Scheme (AECS)
  • Young Farmer Payment
  • What is cross compliance?

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