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Lamb Hypothermia

To treat hypothermia successfully in lambs it’s important to take the correct steps, which vary depending on the lamb’s age and temperature. A digital thermometer is inexpensive and can be used to help guide decision-making. Our online hypothermia tool asks a series of questions which will give you a quick answer as to which treatment is best. It works on a mobile, so save the link to your phone for use in the field or shed.   For very cold, older lambs, the best treatment may be an intra-peritoneal (IP) injection. Giving an IP injection can be daunting, but is a simple method to prevent deaths. In this video, we demonstrate giving the injection into the abdomen of a lamb. The video also contains instructions on making up the correct glucose solution.

Stores and Casts

Season with Sheep: Stores & Casts

SAC Consultant and Isle of Lewis crofter Iain Murdo Macmillan discusses his management of store sheep and cast ewes a the back end of the season which covers feet management, identifying underlying health problems for older animals, selecting cast ewes for replacement and summarising condition for the run up to tupping season. A demonstration for tagging stores is covered and Iain shares some of his personal experiences as a sheep crofter in the Outer Hebrides.

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