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Personal resilience, Day 12 – 17th of March 2020

Influencing Your Mood

Click on the picture above and listen to the song it takes you to.  How does it make you feel?  Has your mood changed since listening to it?

As human beings we have a magical gift and that is that we have the ability to influence and even change our emotions and mood.

Weather.  Light.  Smells.  Sounds.  Taste.  Touch.

All of this can influence how we feel; our mood and emotions.  It is widely known that some of us are emotional eaters.  We might reach for a piece of chocolate when we are sad and we associate, say birthday cake or champagne, with celebrating.  Think about how we dress when we feel sad.  It’s common to wear dark colours like grey, brown, and black.  Now think about happy moments.  We are more likely to choose brighter colours: orange, yellow, green, blue.

A smell can transport us to a moment or remind us of a person or a time.  A song also has the ability to do this.  It might remind us of a special person, the first dance or even a first kiss.  Some things encourage happy thoughts and others not.

Emotional management is learned.  For example, if you feel sad, you can change your mood by wearing happy colours.  If you feel depressed, listen to an upbeat song that will make you dance.  Break down your walls and change your attitude, and the circumstances you live in will be in your own hands.  We have the power to decide how we want our day to go.


If any of these emails or exercises have affected you and you feel you would like to speak to someone, support is available through RSABI.  You can call them on 0300 111 4166.  Their helpline is open from 7am to 11pm all year.

These resources have been developed by Kim Walker of Advance Consultancy for the Farm Advisory Service.

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